Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Apple strikes gold with iPhone 5s (Gold)/ Microsoft offers Ahmedabad boy $180,000 package

Apple strikes gold with iPhone 5s (Gold)
News PictureEither by gross under estimation or strategic design, stores across the United States quickly ran out of the gold-toned iPhone 5s hours after the model's release on Friday, sparking off a frenzy that may well translate into rich pickings in..more
Microsoft offers Ahmedabad boy $180,000 package
News PictureAn Amdavadi boy who attended school in Shahibaug and interned at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) Ahmedabad, has landed one of the highest pay packages offered to an engineering postgraduate - $1,80,000 USD plus incentives. The offer was..more
Time to step away from smartphone!
News PictureWhenever Michael Carl, the fashion market director at Vanity Fair, goes out to dinner withfriends, he plays something called the "phone stack" game: Everyone places their phones in the middle of the table; whoever looks at th..more
Microsoft to unveil new Surface tablet
News PictureA year after its flubbed tablet introduction, Microsoft is back with a new Surface. 
The US tech giant, which has invited media to a launch in New York, is seeking to correct missteps from its first try and gain a foothold in the tablet mar..more
Security software market revenue reached $19.2 bn
News PictureGlobal security software market revenues rose 8 per cent to $ 19.2 billion last year, spurred by practices like bring your own device ( BYOD), among other issues, global research firm Gartner said on Thursday.

Worldwide revenues from secur..more

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