Monday, August 12, 2013

iPhone 5S launch event reportedly happening on Sept 10/ How to find a lost device that is in silent mode

iPhone 5S launch event reportedly happening on Sept 10
News PictureOne month from today Apple will announce the iPhone 5S to the world at a press conference, according to a report today.The iPhone 5S launch event is said to be scheduled for Tuesday, Sept. 10, claimed sources who spoke to AllThingsD.Previous rumors p..more
How to find a lost device that is in silent mode
News PictureI lost my tablet somewhere in my house and have been searching for hours. It's an Android device, which seems to have Wi-Fi-enabled (responds to pings), but doesn't seem to react to cloud-based messages. Furthermore, I have Cerberus installed on it, ..more
Why Google photo tools won‘t replace humans
News PictureIt can take months, even years, for me to share photos from a trip. The more shots I take, the more I dread going through them to delete bad shots and perform tweaks such as brightening dark shots. 

So I was intrigued when Google..more
See, how much happens on internet every minute
News PictureThink about your activity on the internet at any given minute-chances are it's all over the place. You could very easily be jumping from Twitter to Facebook, listening to Spotify, shooting off an email, downloading a movie, reading a n..more
iPhone 5S to house fingerprint sensor within sapphire, convex home button?
News PictureJust hours after unofficial word Apple plans to announce its new iPhone 5S at an event on September 10, more speculation emerged over what we might see when Tim Cook and friends take the stage.Various reports have pointed towards the introduction of ..more

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