Tuesday, June 18, 2013

First look: Microsoft Office for iPhone/ Different browser options for PC, tabs & mobiles

First look: Microsoft Office for iPhone
News PictureAnd sorry, Android and BlackBerry fans: The new app is available only for the iPhone right now. (Phones running Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 software do come with a similar app already installed, and no subscription is required for that.) 
Different browser options for PC, tabs & mobiles
News PictureHere are some browsers for computers, tablets and mobiles that offer unique features not available even in popular onesInternet Explorer or Firefox. Karan Bajaj suggests some to suit your interests and usage. 
Browser options for Computers<..more
Video game 'hacks' into US surveillance storm
News PictureLOS ANGELES: A video game with a protagonist who controls the world around him by hacking into systems is generating growing buzz, for its eerie parallels with the current storm about US surveillance.
Games typically use weapons ranging guns and..more
Pen still mightier than the tablet: Faber-Castell
News PictureMUNICH: Computers, tablets and smartphones have not yet managed to crowd out pens and pencils, says Faber-Castell, German maker of high-end writing instruments. 
The family-run group, famous for its forest-green pencils, says its production..more
5 gaming trends E3 2013
News PictureDynamic duos One screen hasn't been enough for a while now, but game developers are taking second-screen experiences to the next level with companion game apps for mobile devices that affect what's happening on a TV. Battlefield 4 turns tablets into ..more

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