Monday, May 27, 2013

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera really better than the iPhone 5's?/ Handmade and first Apple 1 computer sold for nearly $700k

Is the Samsung Galaxy S4‘s camera really better than the iPhone 5‘s?
News PictureApple's iPhone range has long been the standard bearer for smartphone cameras, but it has now been bested by its great rival Samsung, according to new tests.In photo and video tests DxO Labs, the Samsung Galaxy S4 camera performed higher than the App..more
Handmade and first Apple 1 computer sold for nearly $700k
News PictureWhen we think of computers the thought of a 37 year old handmade system from 1976 doesn't sound too exciting. However, today that's exactly what was just auctioned off for charity and hit a record breaking price. One of the very first App..more
Updated: Microsoft Build 2013: what to expect from this year‘s conference
News Picture3. Smaller Windows 8 devicesThere's a space Microsoft hasn't extended its Windows 8 reach to yet, but that could change before year's end. That area is of course smaller devices, namely ones developed by the company's OEM partners and sized in the 7-..more
In Depth: The best creative apps and accessories for iPad and iPhone
News PictureBest creative apps for iPadThe iPad is the quintessential blank canvas, allowing you to create digital masterpieces from simple sketches to watercolour wonders. From its inception, the iPad has been embraced as a way for digital painters and artists ..more
Google and Microsoft to co-develop YouTube app for Windows Phone
News PictureMicrosoft and Google have put aside their differences and agreed to work together to finally give Windows Phone users an official YouTube app.Microsoft had incurred Google's wrath by launching its own YouTube app which did not serve advertisements, l..more

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