Monday, March 18, 2013

10 biggest social media irritants/ Samsung Galaxy S4: First look

10 biggest social media irritants
News PictureThe 10 most annoying types of social media updates have been revealed in a new survey. The survey by has found that diet and exercise boasters are the most annoying thing about social media. 
The top 10 includes updates that m..more
Samsung Galaxy S4: First look
News PictureThe Galaxy S4, Samsung's latest and greatest, has a cute feature we'll probably see in a lot of phones soon: You can shoot both yourself and your surroundings at the same time, using the front- and back-mounted cameras. It's a bit like having a two-c..more
Facebook promotes ex-Mozilla engineer to CTO
News PictureFacebook is going rampant with its changes. It has brought on a new targeted ad interface for marketers, a new and improved timeline, support for hashtags, and now a new Chief Technology Officer. Mike Schroepfer, previously the Senior Vice President ..more
Sharp may not need Foxconn after all
News PictureSharp has been in a financial rut for quite a while now, and if things don't go its way, it could wind up filing for bankruptcy. Many companies have rallied to save Sharp's financial back by making generous investments. Samsung invested a..more
Keep Your Laptop Running Smoothly With These Simple Tricks
News PictureYour laptop has a life expectancy. Like it or not, sooner or later that stylish piece of machinery will age into a wheezing, old fossil   SEE ALSO: 5 Ways to be More Productive With Your Smartphone   If you find yourself experiencing ..more

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