Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Google may launch its own Chromebook/ App by Airtel founder's son a big hit

Google may launch its own Chromebook
News PictureInternet search giant Google may release its own Chromebook, some leaked documents have said.

HP announced it would be releasing its own Chromebook last week, but the computer does not contain the features listed in the leaked documents, n..more
App by Airtel founderĂ¢€˜s son a big hit
News PictureHike, the newest kid on mobile instant messaging scene, has had such a wild welcome and adoption rate that it brought the servers down causing disruption in services. 
The free mobile app, now on the top of the list on the Android marketpla..more
7 tips avoid Facebook hack
News PicturePeople who do have little or no time to maintain Facebook profiles, can do seven things to at least minimize the damage when their account gets hacked, a report has said.

Firstly, change your name. If you tweak your name just a little, or ..more
Now, charge your phone with coffee and beer
News PictureA new device that can charge your mobile phone with a hot cup of coffee or a cold beer mug has been developed by a US company. 
The company claims that the two-sided Epiphany onE Puck converts the warmth of your hot cocoa or iced beverage i..more
Gmail gets over 1,000 new smileys
News PictureIf you are among the internet users who love emoticons, you will love the latest addition in Gmail. Internet search giant Google has beefed up the number of smileys in its free email service by over a thousand emoticons.
Earlier, Gmail users cou..more

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