Monday, February 11, 2013

Google Airport set for San Jose, California/ 5 best features of the BlackBerry Z10

Google Airport set for San Jose, California
News PictureA new deal is in the works this week that would have Google running their own fabulous Google-branded airport out of San Jose has been reported this week, city approval and all. This report comes from the current San Jose airport where officials are ..more
5 best features of the BlackBerry Z10
News PictureAfter spending more than a week using the new BlackBerry Z10, I've come to like certain features. This smartphone, which isn't yet available for sale in the U.S. but will be later this year, brings a lot to the table. It doesn't quite go toe-to-toe w..more
Microsoft’s 128GB Surface Pro already sold out
News PictureEarlier today, we reported that Microsoft's Surface Pro tablet is now available in the United States and Canada. Now a few hours later, reports are rolling in showing that the 128GB model is out of stock at many retailers, including Microsoft&r..more
The man behind Google Docs is now trying to reinvent the web app at Box
News PictureWhen Sam Schillace first crossed paths with Box Founder and CEO Aaron Levie in 2006, it didn't exactly go how Levie expected. Box wanted to buy Schillace's document-collaboration startup called Writely, but shortly after discussing it, th..more
Box offering 50GB free for new members
News PictureCloud storage service Box always seems to be giving away free cloud storage left and right, and today is no exception. New users can sign up for an account and receive 50GB of space for free. This seems to be a "Dell Exclusive Offer," but..more

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