Sunday, November 18, 2012

What's the shelf life of a techie? Just 15 years/ Facebook: 4 things to avoid

What‘s the shelf life of a techie? Just 15 years
News PictureIf you have seen Skyfall, you will doubtless remember the 20-something Q. It's the first time ever in a James Bond film that Q or the Quartermaster - MI6's resident tinkerer who creates all the wonderful spy gadgets that Bond uses - is youn..more
Facebook: 4 things to avoid
News PictureVery few of us read the lengthy terms and conditions when we sign up for anything, but social networking site Facebook has some very strict rules that might lead us being de-friended by the network itself if we aren't careful.Some of the reasons are ..more
Fujitsu launches notebook-cum-tablet
News PictureFujitsu Technology Solutions has unveiled a notebook-cum-tablet. The notebook's screen can be easily detached from the keyboard component to use as a tablet.

Satoru Hayashi, executive vice chairman ofFujitsu Technology Solutions,..more
Review: Google Nexus 10
News PictureWhen I first turned on Google's new tablet computer, I immediately thought of it as a mere conduit to Google services.

Besides giving you quick access to Gmail and YouTube, the Nexus 10 steers you to digital movies, boo..more
WhatsApp, BBM, iMessage gain foothold as SMSes decline
News PictureThe habit of traditional messaging via SMSes among Americans has slowed for the first time ever, a new study has suggested.The number of SMS messages sent per customer each month dropped 3 percent to an average of 678 texts in the third quarter, acco..more
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