Saturday, November 10, 2012

8 unusual gadget gifts for Diwali/ Twitter mistakenly resets passwords of large number of users

8 unusual gadget gifts for Diwali
News PictureAs the festival of Diwali is around the corner, many of us are likely to go on a shopping spree to give the perfect gift to our near and dear ones. When it comes to gadgets as gifts, most of us tend to look towards tablets, smartphones and laptops. W..more
Twitter mistakenly resets passwords of large number of users
News PictureTwitter said that it mistakenly reset the passwords of "a large number" of its more than 140 million active users while conducting routine security screening to identify accounts that may have been compromised. 

Google says multiple services blocked in China
News Picture Google Inc said several of its online services have been blocked in China. 

Traffic to Google's services in China dropped sharply beginning Friday evening there, according to an online "Transparency Report" websit..more
Intel focusses on making women successful: Kumud Srinivasan, President, Intel India
News PictureCome January 2013 and India will become the first country to have twowomen at the top for $54-billion Intel. Currently based in Santa Clara, but hailing from Kolkata, Kumud Srinivasan, will become the first woman president of Inte..more
Shell to establish third global hub for technology in Bangalore
News PictureRoyal Dutch Shell today said it will open a third global hub for technology and innovation in Bengaluru as part of its plans to technology footprint in Asia. 

"Today, Shell laid the foundation stone for a brand new..more

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