Monday, October 29, 2012

Nokia out of top 5 globally, tops in India/ Apple iPhone 5 prices start at Rs 45,500 in India

Nokia out of top 5 globally, tops in India
News PictureFinnish mobile handset manufacturer Nokia, which is facing a major crisis in global sales, still tops the list of mobile handset market in India even as it has been displaced from the fifth spot in global sales by the beleaguered BlackBerry..more
Apple iPhone 5 prices start at Rs 45,500 in India
News PictureApple iPhone 5, which will be launched in India on November 2, will be priced at Rs 45,500 for the entry-level 16GB model. The 32 and 64GB models will be sold at 52,500 and 59,500 respectively.

The prices have been shared by Redington, one..more
Top tips to set strong passwords
News PictureOn the internet,   passwords offer the first line of defence and they are necessary to keep your accounts safe. However, most of us while choosing passwords for various accounts on the internet bypass certain basic criteria. ..more
Windows 8: An OS made for touchscreens
News PictureWe talked about Windows 8 on a laptop (and desktop) a few days ago. It is a good OS but with dual personality and on a laptop, without a touchscreen, this affects the user experience in a rather negative way. Even Microsoft tacitl..more
Surface creates buzz, but iPad mania missing
News PictureUS shoppers woke up with mild Surface fever on Friday, lining up in moderate numbers to buy Microsoft's groundbreaking tablet computer designed to challenge Apple's iPad.The global debut of the Windows 8 operating system was greeted with po..more

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