Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to keep yourself safe on the internet/ A look at the six most asked questions on UID

How to keep yourself safe on the internet
News PictureGone are the days when you had to stand in long queues to pay your electricity bills, phone bills, income tax returns and almost everything. But easy access to the internet and availability of these services online not just provide relief but of cour..more
A look at the six most asked questions on UID
News PictureFor more than 4 years, the 12-digit number called Aadhaarhas generated more debate than action.But now that 18 crore Indians do have this number and 42 crore more should have it by April 2013, it's time to focus more on what the number will&mdas..more
First Impressions: Canon EOS 650D
News PictureThe Canon EOS 650D is the new entry level DSLR from the camera giant and it packs quite a wallop. Though the basic feature set that has become signature of the xxxD series continues with the 650D, the latest "rebel" does include a few ace..more
Review: Sony Xperia neo L
News PictureThe Android smartphone market is growing by leaps and bounds and not wanting to letSamsung and HTC corner all the expanding growth, Sony is betting big on it. After a patchyICS update to other smartphones of the Xperia series..more to set up 50 Automated Tax Filing machines in CCD outlets pan India
News PictureTax preparation and filing website has tied up with CafĂ© Coffee Day for setting up Automated Tax Filing (ATF) machines in Coffee Day joints across India. This alliance is an initiative towards rolling out 50 ATFs across ..more

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