Friday, July 27, 2012

How does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second?/ Infosys plans to hire 2000 in US

How does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second?
News PictureEver wondered how does a search engine fetch answers to your queries in less than second? Google says it's a mixture of science, creativity, experimentation and cold, hard maths. This is how it works:
Infosys plans to hire 2000 in US
News PictureIndia's second-largest IT company Infosys has big hiring plans for the United States.

The company, which announced a new delivery center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, said that it plans to take its hiring in the country to 2,000 by th..more
LinkedIn begins partial roll out of new home page
News Picture LinkedIn has commenced the partial roll out of its new home page, as some users in India reported that their home page wore the new look while others said that theirs' had the older look. Last week, the business networking website con..more
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 banned across EU
News PictureUS electronics giant Apple and South Korea's Samsung Electronics each scored partial court victories in Germany Tuesday in their global war over rival tablet computers.A regional appeals court in the western city of Duesseldorf up..more
Inappropriate pictures on Facebook could lose you a job
News PictureFacebook users beware! Having inappropriate pictures on your profile could cost you a job, a new research has found.

Researchers warned of increase in employers checking candidates lifestyle, attitudes and even appearance in photos loaded ..more

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