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Training Course on I&C Fundamentals

Training Course on Instrumentation and Control Fundamentals

Course Description


This 5 – day theoretical and practical training course gives a broad based perspective of industrial process, measurement and control. It addresses the basic principles and concepts of 4 basics - flow, pressure, level and temperature measurements in process industries. Participants will learn the essential components of control systems, including the functions and operating principles of control valves and applications of controllers (Pneumatic and Electronic). The course introduces advance process control methods like Feed Forward Ratio (parallel and series) and Cascade (2 element and 3 element)

Who Should Participate


·         Engineers with no or little process control exposure

·         Instrument Supervisors & Technicians

·         Others responsible for instrumentation and control in process industry who want to familiarize themselves with instrumentation

·         Technical faculty

What Participants will Learn:

·         Basic principle of automation feedback control

·         Type of instrumentation in industries

·         Cost of instrumentation on a process plant

·         What is accomplished by application of instrumentation on industrial plant?

·         Measurement principles

·         4 big - Flow, Pressure, Level & Temperature

·         Components of control loop

·         Sensors, transmitters, controllers, final control devices

·         Signal Transmission (Pneumatic Electronic)

·         Speed of Signal Transmission

·         Control modes

·         Proportional, Integral, Derivative

·         Ratio Control, feed forward

·                           Cascade control 2 and 3 elements


How Participants will Benefit:


·                           Use the technical terminology

·                           Learn the most often measured and controlled process variables

·                           Identify principles and methods used in flow

·                           Pressure, level and temperature measurements in industries

·                           Understand the factors for instrument performance, selection and operation

·                           Understand communication between process control loop components

·                           Compare features of pneumatic, electronic and digital instrumentations

·                           Select P.I.D control modes

Laboratory Exercise:


·                           Set up and calibrate pneumatic electronics

·                           Transmitter to measure flow, level & pressure

·                           Calibrate thermo couple/RTD

·                           Perform and operational check of control valve with positioned

Trainer Profile:


Mr. Muhammad Yousuf Shahabi Associate of Applied Science (U.S.A.)

35 years of experience in chemical and allied industries & industrial training


Course Fee:


Rs. 15,000 inclusive of lunches, refreshments and certificate


Course Schedule:


March 12 – 16, 2012




OMS Institute of Management & Technology,  18 - Tariq Block, New Garden Town, Lahore


Contact Person for Registration:


Mrs. Lubna Thomas,

Ph:  042- 35914624-5


Cell: 0302-8486252                      

Shahzad Afzal

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