Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Graphics Benchmarking: Free Heaven DX11 and Cinebench

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Heaven DX11 Benchmark Basic Edition
  • Version: 2.5
  • File Size: 239.38
  • License: Free
  • Operating System: Linux,Microsoft Windows 7,Microsoft Windows Vista,Microsoft Windows XP
Unigine's Heaven is a synthetic gaming benchmark that provides next-generation graphics today, delivering the visual goods while doing its best to entertain you in the process. If you re a gamer with a mid- to high-end system and want to see what games will look like in a year or two, Heaven awaits.- Jim Norris

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  • Version: 11.529
  • File Size: 142.107
  • License: Free
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP,Microsoft Windows Vista,Microsoft Windows 7
Cinebench tests CPU and OpenGL performance using the popular Cinema 4D rendering package as the basis for a series of real-world tests, including a scene render and car chase. Results are easy to understand, contextually ranked against similar systems according to criteria you select.- PCWorld Staff

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