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Happy Halloween! Trick? Or, treat? How about both! Tricks and treats to maximize your engagement and analysis are at the heart of this months newsletter. Enjoy!

Google Deprecates Buzz. Back in April, 2010, ShareThis was excited to become one of the first platforms to offer Google Buzz at scale to our large network of publishers. Then, earlier this year, we announced that we had enabled MultiPost and FastShare to users who had registered with us via OAuth using Buzz. Unfortunately, the product's life has come to an end, and Google has recently announced that they have deprecated Buzz as of 10/14/11. Within the next week or two, you will no longer find Google Buzz in the list of available services when you click on our widget. In addition, if your site has featured the Buzz chicklet outside our widget, it will automatically be removed. In most cases, this will have minimal to no impact on the appearance of your site, but it may require a minor HTML tweak.

Google+. In place of Google Buzz, Google has decided to focus on Google+. Again, ShareThis was one of the first platforms to offer the +1 button several months back, and we're excited to announce that this product now supports direct posting to a user's Google+ stream. If you're interested in adding +1 as a chicklet in place of Google Buzz, we have all the info you need
 right here.


Social Tracking. We have been working hard on our Google Analytics integration. Recently, we released a new feature that automatically sends share events to the new social tracking capabilities of Google Analytics. This means you can see ShareThis sharing activity in your GA dashboard. The sharing events are organized by each social network utilized by your users. To see the analytics, login to your GA account, choose the "New Version" and look under the "Social" section (Google Analytics new features are in beta). You can get deeper share and other social analytics on our newly released Publisher Analytics here.


New API. Last month, we announced the launch of a shiny, new analytics dashboard. If you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, simply sign intoyour account here or visit the analytics overview page on our website. We also have a new analytics API, with increased functionality (including real-time sharing data!), to provide you with easy access to all sharing activity for a domain. You can learn more about the new API by visiting our analytics API page.

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