Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Inside the Ford Evos, the car that social networks -
Social networkers, Ford has created a car just for you. The Ford Evos plug-in hybrid vehicle is so smart, it can socially network with its driver's friends and recommend the best roads and routes.
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Apple loses yet another iPhone prototype at a bar -
Yes, sometimes history does repeat itself. Once again, an Apple employee has apparently lost an unreleased iPhone prototype at a bar, CNET reports. The phone went missing at the tequila lounge Cava 22 in San Francisco's Mission...
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Microsoft's Interpretation Of "No Compromise" Is The Definition Of "Compromise"
On one hand, you have to give Windows chief Steven Sinofsky some credit, he's being very open, proactive, and engaged leading up to Microsoft's unveiling of Windows 8. And that's great. But on the other hand, you have to wonder...
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Google Quietly Rolls Out A Chrome Extension To Bring +1 To The Entire Web -
You may recall that back in May, we spotted something in Google's "Dear Sophie" commercial: an unreleased +1 Chrome extension. This was pre-Google+, when the +1 button still didn't do a whole lot, so even I forgot about the...
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5 Steps To Improve Your Customer Driven B2B Lead Generation -
To maximize online lead generation campaigns, B2B marketers need to focus on the multifaceted customer they serve. Design campaigns to meet their needs across the entire decision cycle and business buying process to achieve the...
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Google Certificate Hackers May Have Stolen 200 Others -
Hackers who obtained a fraudulent digital certificate for Google may have actually obtained more than 200 digital certificates for other top internet...
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