Monday, September 5, 2011

SEO and Page Rank algorithms Duplicate Content Notification

Recently, Google has made major changes to their SEO and Page Rank algorithms. One of the important changes is this:

"Copied text to be placed on competitors Web sites - If someone copies your text and place it on their site, your site could be penalized (flagged) by Google spiders for having duplicate content. It reduces your site's rank on Google dramatically. To resolve this issue, you should contact the site that copied your text and ask them (by using all means) to remove the stolen text from their site. If they don't comply, you should just rewrite your own content (painful, but it's easier and less expensive than hacking the other site and removing your text)."

Due to this change, we request all of our members NOT TO REPOST duplicated content on your site, even if you are adding a reference to the original site.

Google does not care if you have added a reference or not, it will penalize your site as well as source site, and may even lower rankings by a big margin.

Shahzad Afzal

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