Monday, July 18, 2011

Turn Windows Features On or Off

Would You Like to Play a Game?

No? Well, then let me show you how to delete the pre-installed games that come with Windows Vista, then! I can't think of any reason why one would want to get rid of stuff like Solitaire, Free Cell and Minesweeper, but then again I never play them, so there might be others out there that feel the same.

Here's the tip:

Go to Start>Control Panel and double-click "Programs and Features".

Off to the left you'll see an option to "Turn Windows Features On or Off". Click on it, and a window that looks like this will appear.

Simply expand the "Games" tree, and un-check the ones you don't want anymore. You can always come back and re-install them later via this method, although you may need your Windows Vista install disk.

Gameless! What a shame!


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Shahzad Afzal

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