Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Top Headlines in Computer Software

Computer Software
Sean Parker On Why Myspace Lost To Facebook -
With reports of social network Myspace about to sell for ~$30 million, the tech world eagerly awaits the HBS study for why the service, which was bought in 2006 by Newscorp for $580 million and was at some point valued at $1.5 billion...
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Google unveils new Facebook rival -
Online search giant Google launches a new social networking website in its latest attempt to take on Facebook, which now claims more than 500m users.
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Google unveils Swiffy: turns high maintenance Flash animations into HTML5 -
Still hanging on to those sweet site loaders hoping they'd be of use again someday? Perhaps the time has come -- for some ads and animations, that is.
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Angry Birds Now Available for Windows Phone -
Owners of Windows Phone 7 devices, rejoice: the time to crush those dastardly pigs with angry, feathered projectiles is nigh!
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5 Cool Tricks to Get More Out of LinkedIn -
Little known ways to use the social network to do more for your business or career.
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