Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Blog

I get asked all the time by Business Owners Why they need to have a Blog and What good does it do for them.

I hear them say that they dont have the time, the technical knowledge or the money to set up blogs.

They have no idea at the opportunities that they are missing out on. So i decided to share my thoughts with everyone on why every business should have a blog and be blogging.

Reason 1: Positioning

Positioning is about how you are perceived by your audience. Don't confuse positioning as branding, its more then that. Its how you communicate to your audience what you are about and how you can help them. A Great blog can create credibility for your business in your industry. Blogging about your perspectives on recent events within your industry sets you as an authority within your Industry.

Reason 2: Communication and Interaction
At the end of each blog post that you make, most blog platforms like Word press allow readers to post their comments and feedback. You can encourage your readers to post their feedback and get them involved in your blog. It gets readership to be high and lets you know how your customers are thinking. This also lets you know what are your customers looking for so that you may provide them solutions accordingly. eg Your customers are looking for phones with ability to email and you keep on carrying phones without email functionality. So using Comments on Blogs you can see what your customers are looking for. Also its free market research, where you get to get real feedback from customers on how they feel about your firm.

Reason 3: Visibility and SEO
When you post blog posts you are essentially adding new content to your site. New content means more pages which means that search engines will index your site more often. Its important to ensure your content is unique and added on a regular basis. Now if you have properly placed your top keywords in the blog posts then Search Engines would rank your site higher for those keywords. Eg. Say your Blog is about Encryption Software and you would like to get ranked high for that. You would ensure that keywords like Data Encryption, data security, data encryption software, data security software, full disk encryption are included in your content  so that you get targetted visitors to find your blog post and thus know more about your products and services. This co relates to my next point.

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Shahzad Afzal


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