Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How (Not) to Manage Your Boss

How (Not) to Manage Your Boss

Playing tricks on your manager hardly ever works--and few bosses enjoy playing games on the job. This list shows you 10 ways not to manage up.

Every business site has articles about managing up or managing your boss, but they're usually a bunch of lightweight tricks for manipulating weak-minded people. And while there are plenty of dysfunctional managers who might fall for that stuff, the vast majority are at least moderately savvy and capable.Read More

  • Keep management off employee's backs. Most people don't get this, but the most important aspect of that is giving management what they need to do their jobs. That's what keeps management happy … and away from you.
  • Take the heat and share the praise. It takes courage to take the heat and humility to share the praise. That comes naturally to great bosses; the rest of us have to pick it up as we go.Read More

Now, if you want to avoid pissing off your boss and being perceived as a complete waste of cubicle space, benefits, and headcount, you'd better pay attention to these.Read More


Shahzad Afzal

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