Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Career Advice from Paris Hilton: That's Hot.

Career Advice from Paris Hilton: That's Hot.

We take a closer look at common quotes to find gems of advice for a successful contract work career.
Career Advice from Paris Hilton: That's Hot.
While an heiress is an atypical career advice guide, we've found that valuable insights to success can be found in even the most unlikely sources.
Like many indirect founts of inspiration, Paris' wisdom requires some interpretation. Fortunately, blogger Tamara Rice was up to the challenge, and has posted a series of Hilton's quotes, decoded as quality career advice. A sample:
PARIS SAYS: "Trust me, people act differently toward you when you've got jewelry on your head."
What It Means: Having "jewelry on your head" is, we're pretty certain, just a fancy socialite euphemism for "looking professional." If your online profile/portfolio picture makes you look professional, then potential employers will treat you like a professional.
PARIS SAYS: "You can see all these girls leaving a party at the end of the night and they look terrible … This is a huge mistake. People remember how you look when you leave as much as they remember how you look when you arrived."
What It Means: Paris is trying to tell you that "how you look" (i.e., your job performance and your professional behavior) at the end of a contract should be as important to you as how you looked when you were trying to land the job in the first place.
We know — when you've got a professional explaining it all to you, Paris' contractor guidance is so obvious it's, like, ridiculous. To see more 'Parisisms' merrily decoded, such as the enigmatic "The best thing about owning your own nightclub is that everything's free and you can tell the DJ to play whatever you want,"

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