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Labels in GMAIL - (Msg - 101b - English)

This is part 2 of the previous email which was sent related to the GMAIL usage and its configuration.

(People who find it difficult to read and understand it in English, they can read the same email in Roman Urdu which I have sent it along with this email….incase you don't receive Roman Urdu version, you can request me to send that mail... so wat you say now J )

Lets Start,

You come to home and find out that it's quite messy. All of your stuff is just lying on the floor, things are not in the order or at place then definitely you are not going to like it at all (beside who are lazy :P)


Your Email inbox is exactly the same thing (like your house or room). If you sign in and your inbox which is full of emails without any order then definitely, after some time when there are 1000s of emails and you need 1 particular email… it will frustrate you to search that email like nething.

So today we are going to talk about LABELs, which is 1 of the core and important feature of GMAIL. Which you can use it easily to arrange your inbox. Just like the folders but have lot more features in it.

GMAIL doesn't have a concept of FOLDERS like other email providers Hotmail or Yahoo. But you can use LABELs just like the Folders. Infact LABELs are much better than Folders...because if you moved your email from the inbox to the Folder (in hotmail or yahoo)…then you can't put the same email in other folder. For example if you are working on a project or whatever and you received an email which is related to your project and also want to put it in other folder then you can't do this. But in GMAIL what you can do is LABEL that email with project name and can also put another LABEL like follow-up or anything else. There is no limitation on that. You can put as much LABELs on 1 email you want. And then you can click on the LABELs which will be on the left hand side below Trash folder and can see your email in each LABEL folder as shown in pic 3.

When you open any email, you will find a set of buttons on top section, which you can see in below picture where you can see the LABEL button


Once you tag the email, that email will not move from the INBOX, it will remain over there but it will be tagged just like shown in the below pic. I have LABELED 1 email with IT and you can see that LABEL in a green color before subject.


Likewise, I have LABELED some emails with GENERAL and there are now viewable in the General folder as well as shown in the pic below. You can see the LABELs on your left hand side below the Trash Folder


You can also use LABELs as a Folders. Just open the email and move them to the LABEL folder like you do in the Hotmail or yahoo. You can see the move button which is beside LABELs button as shown in the picture 1, 2 & 3. If you want you can LABEL the email and move it to the LABEL folder as well means 2 in 1 Functionality. By doing this you Inbox will be clean and very much sorted.

How to create, assign the LABELs, change the colors of LABELs, difference between LABELs and folders will be discussed in the future email.

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